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Youth Fair 2015: April 4th

Mary 19, 2015

The Miami-Dade County Youth Fair competition for battlebots is on April 4, 2015,at 1PM!

Be sure to be there!

Click here for details.

Rattler I's Win Was a Piece of Cake!

A cake made by Pamela Parada

Juny 5, 2014

Pamela Parada, a student part of TeamJag Robotics, made a cake resembling her robot, Rattler I and brought it in for us all to eat! It was delicious!

USATL Nationals 2014

Exciting Nationals Robot Battles

Mayy 6, 2014

This years competition was very exciting! TeamJag went in with their five 15 LB robots with them all working this time! It was a hard fought competition with bots having problems at times. Rattler 2 and Sting ‘EM had the most problems but in the end they both fought hard and got recognized! The robots fought for 3 days until the end of the competition. In the end TeamJag’s bots won first, second, and third place!


Rattler I: First Place

Rattler 2: Second Place

Sting WMD: Third Place

Sting ‘EM: Best in Show

Youth Fair 2014

Exciting time at Youth Fair with the Teams

Aprily 5, 2014

TeamJag did very well in this years Robotics 15 LB AND 3 LB competitions showing up with their five 15 LB and two 3 LB robots! Sadly Sting WMD wasn’t able to function so it didn’t get to play. The four other robots fought hard until Sting ‘Em, with Tatiana as the driver rammed drum against drum in her battle with Fluffy, caused the other bot’s drum to explode and shatter the cage. This ended the competition early and caused the winners to be chosen by what they have done in the matches before that.

The winners for the 15 LB driving competition were Rattler I(First Place), Rattler 2(Second Place), and Sting ‘EM(Third Place). The results of the documentation portion were Sting ‘EM(First Place), Rattler 1(Second place), and Sting WMD(Third Place).

For the 3 LB robots, Dale got second place while Eevee got 3rd place.